[Artist Bio]

Elean Yang views the environment around her through lenses of light and movement. A glass artist and dancer, she is drawn to the choreography of gaffers and assistants moving throughout the hot shop. Elean utilizes the optic qualities of glass to explore its interactions with materials such as copper, light, and the human body. She creates environments with the refractions of light through glass and is interested in exploring how these can be used for the choreographic process in dance.

Born and raised in Westerville, Ohio, amidst an athletic family, Elean was innately attracted to the teamwork, technique, and physicality of the glass medium. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass and a minor in Dance from The Ohio State University in 2016. During her time in Columbus, Elean assisted many professional artists with their work, including Jonathan Capps and Niko Dimitrijevic. Upon graduation, she completed the Studio Assistantship Program at the Chrysler Museum of Art Glass Studio and immediately following, moved to Pittsburgh for the Glass Center’s Tech Apprenticeship. Elean is currently a Full-Time Studio Technician at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.